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Melinda Valentine is an award-winning author of contemporary, suspense, and paranormal romance. 

She believes chocolate and music can soothe the soul.


When she's not writing, you can find her reading, baking, spending time with her family, and trying to convince her husband that "one more puppy won't hurt".  

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Upcoming Signings

Books and All that Jazz
Renaissance Cleveland 
Cleveland Ohio
June 24, 2023
Melinda Valentine Logo Image Only.png
Getting Witchy With it
Boston Marriott Peabody
Salem Massachusetts
September 16, 2023
Melinda Valentine Logo Image Only.png
Royal Book Bash
Hilton Garden Inn 
Woodbridge Virginia
April 13, 2024
Dreaming Dirty in Maryland
Lord Baltimore
Baltimore Maryland
May 4, 2024
Authors in the Steel City
Monroeville Convention Center
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
September 28, 2024
Roaring Readers at the Read House

Chattanooga Tennessee
July 12th 2025
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Comments (3)

Oct 13

...and those beautifull, blue

eyes. Owch. Make sure you

do whatever sHe sez in this

finite existence - I wanna be

as 1 with you soon. GBY


Oct 12

'If you die

before you die,

when you die,

you will never die'


● ●

Cya soon, miss gorgeous...

Oct 12
Replying to

Hey, you, ya wildchild you!! If I'm a sinfull,

Near Death Experiencer and you ain't,

dontcha think I know how to reach 7th

Heaven? Dont you think yooNeye will

quite possibly? maybe? wRITE some

AdrenalineOD, unruly, untamed, hefty,

brainy, frisky, exactly, bombastically

bizarre yet benevolent yet fully-ferocious,

raw, ultra-attractive-X-ceptional-volumes

which shall git even Almighty God to say,


Owch, toots!!

Undoubtedly Divine!!'

HeeHee. Yeah. I know. I frankly admit:

Im hilarious in our gargantuaNtimacy.

And you definitely CAN (2B1) in the gaudy,

gorgeous, generous Elysian Fields which

is a whoooole 'nother universe of gobbsa lottsa schizophrenic-endorphins-O-moxie,

baybee. Wannum? upNatom!!

● ●

Cya soon, adorable girl...

So follow us into the concept of

endless which is eXtraordinarily,

eXponentially inXhaustible:

God is infinite. God Bless You.

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