I feel like this should be a "Breakfast Club" nod of a "Who am I", but I'll keep it simple.

I fell in love with books as early as my memories take me.  Naturally, I gravitated to writing and at the age of 12 I wrote my first novel. My first horrible piece of work that would make any human being cringe. The publishing house whom I sent it to, were terribly sweet when they told me to concentrate on my craft for now and worry about publishing later.  So I did. 

Then life happened. My writing took a back seat to raise my 3 kids.  I still wrote but only on occasion. until one day I decided to try out NaNo. I polished the short story I had created, took a deep breath, and hit send. That began my road down the publishing rabbit hole.  With a few tales under my belt, I feel like I finally have an idea of what I'm doing. However, I'm always learning something new. Not only about the craft, but about myself as well. 


 I’m outgoing if you know me. I have no problem voicing my opinions and laugh more than what is probably acceptable outside of an asylum. If I seem quiet, I'm probably playing with the furry plot bunnies in my mind. 

As the youngest and only girl, of four kids, I am both blessed and cursed. I would say I’ve always been spoiled but spoiled is probably an understatement of epic proportions. At least if you ask my brothers. On the other hand, I am and will always be the baby girl. My mother still worries I’ll get abducted if I go somewhere alone. I can’t complain (much) though. I’m sure I’ll do the same to mine.


In 2019, I married a wonderful man. We’ve known each other since the fourth grade. We’re living our very own romance. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life. That about sums up Melinda in a nutshell. I hope you’ll continue to follow me on this crazy ride. Hold on tight and don’t mind the occasional maniacal laughter.



Much Love


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