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When a midnight assault leaves tough, independent bar owner Mackenzie Wolfe fighting for her life, everything she thought she knew about the world changes. The hot bartender she's lusted after is so much more than he appears. Her stalking ex-boyfriend is no longer her biggest problem. And she is no longer human.

Tall, dark, and all hard body, Riley Fitzgerald is a bartender in the human world--and the enforcer of the Alabaster Wolf Pack. When his sexy boss is attacked and changed into a shifter, Riley is responsible for teaching her everything there is to know about being a wolf. What he doesn't expect is just how explosive their passion is now that he can reveal his secrets.

But not everyone is happy that Riley and Mackenzie have become so close-- rivals to become Mackenzie’s mate and old family feuds emerged to tear them apart. Against all odds, can Riley win McKenzie for himself and keep peace within the Pack?

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1st Place in Paranormal Romance 2022

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Josephine “Jo” Knight doesn’t want a night out.

On the tail end of a horrific breakup, she just wants to wallow for a while. Her sister Dani’s favorite band is playing, though, and no just isn’t an acceptable answer. Jo doesn’t know a single song, but the VIP party ends with a one-night stand between her and who she thinks is the lead singer. Despite the amazing connection she feels to him, by morning, she’s gone. What was supposed to be one night changes Jo’s life. Under normal circumstances, she would have told the man she slept with that she was pregnant. But his reputation is horrid, and she doesn’t need the world thinking she’s just some groupie looking to trap a man for his money.

Plus, some things are better done alone anyway.

 Lawson “LT” Nottingham is the manager for Midnight Hour— following his twin brother and lead singer through every mess the famous singer makes. That’s why he doesn’t get close to women. They all mistake him for his brother, and the moment they find out the truth, they leave. That’s not a heartache he needs to keep repeating. But one night with a beautiful woman rocks him to his core and waking up to find her gone sucks more than it should. But when they cross paths again and she has twin boys with his eyes— everything changes. He wants the boys, he wants Jo, and he doesn’t care what it takes. All LT knows is that he felt enough to build a future in the one night they were together.

Until jealousy rears its ugly head, and LT has to learn the harsh truth that for a woman that’s been hurt too often and too deeply, words can cut just as sharply as a blade.

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I’ve become a pro covering up my bruises. Jeans instead of skirts. Long sleeves instead of short. Until that day he didn’t pull his punches. My face looked like I went one round in a boxing ring and lost. My parents could only see his status.


Unless I wanted to end up another tragic statistic there was only one solution. Run.


Then I met him.






Everyone calls me Hawk. I’m VP of Primal Demons motorcycle club. I’ve been feeling a little restless with my life lately. The women may have different names, but they’re all the same. They only see status when they look at me.


Unless I want to end up another clichéd’ biker there was only one solution. Solitude.


Then I met her.


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