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Alabaster City

Picture of the cover of Moon Awakened

When a midnight assault leaves tough, independent bar owner Mackenzie Wolfe fighting for her life, everything she thought she knew about the world changes. The hot bartender she's lusted after is so much more than he appears. Her stalking ex-boyfriend is no longer her biggest problem. And she is no longer human.

Tall, dark, and all hard body, Riley Fitzgerald is a bartender in the human world--and the enforcer of the Alabaster Wolf Pack. When his sexy boss is attacked and changed into a shifter, Riley is responsible for teaching her everything there is to know about being a wolf. What he doesn't expect is just how explosive their passion is now that he can reveal his secrets.

But not everyone is happy that Riley and Mackenzie have become so close-- rivals to become Mackenzie’s mate and old family feuds emerged to tear them apart. Against all odds, can Riley win McKenzie for himself and keep peace within the Pack?

FIREBIRD-WINNER-SEAL- for 1st place paranormal 2022

1st Place in Paranormal Romance 2022

Top Pick - 2023 Author Shout Reader Ready Award

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Now Available in Audiobook!

Performed by the incredibly talented

Juniper Young

Robert Hatchet

Picture of the cover of the audio book for Moon Awakened


Picture of the cover of Blessed Bigbie

Blessed Bigbie

An Alabaster City Short Story

Detective Marcus Crawly wasn’t in a hurry to settle down. Being a wolf in the Alabaster City pack made dating a little more difficult than the average human. He was starting to think there was no such thing as Mrs. Right.

Annalise Bigbie was used to people not sticking around. Her grandmother was her only constant. She’d never really felt a connection to anyone else anyway. She was perfectly happy running her shop and helping those in need.

Fate had other plans for them.

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